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Beach Time UK Style

11 August 2019

It’s supposed to be the Summer, but the high winds and miserable rain in many locations appear to have other ideas about that. Although some would argue that that is precisely the definition of an English Summer!

It’s tempting to let ourselves be ruled by the weather here. When it’s stifling we look forward to Winter snow and when it’s wet and cold we moan about the lack of sun. Are we ever happy?

I am. It doesn’t have to be hot to go to the beach. Warm will do. There’s always a breeze on the beach so a lightweight jumper is a must in the UK. What people don’t often realise is that the water can be warmer than it looks and last week it was warmer in the sea than it was on the land. (Statistics obtained from my children, as I refused to venture in further than my knees, being of a sensible disposition).

The beach is what you make it. We have to prepare for it and adapt to it. That way we can have, as we did, a jolly weekend of picnics and swimming and laughter.

Waiting for the perfect day would have meant no days on the beach. Good enough is just that …good enough weather to go and have fun.

We can wait for perfection in business before we do anything. Delay until everything is all lined up before we launch a product, or keep finding fault and tweaking our idea to the point of oblivion.

Business is about doing it. Getting to the point of ‘good enough’ and then getting on with selling and marketing our product.

Waiting for perfection can leave the field open for a competitor to scoop us in the market place.

Beaches and weather can teach us to be prepared, plan our strategy and then get on with it.

We can apply the same logic to our business. Maybe even treat our colleagues to a thank-you ice cream?

So, this week which projects are you delaying? Where are you seeking perfection, when what you have is good enough already?

Have fun being good enough this week!

Or maybe just take a break and go for a paddle in the warm sea. It’s always good to get away from our office and think new thoughts and get a fresh perspective.

Next week: How To Say No!


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