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A Useful TA Book

2 August 2015

I like Transactional Analysis. Very much. It’s full of useful tools and models to help me better understand myself and how I communicate with colleagues, clients and friends.

I find it accessible. And practical. And searching.

Increasingly clients ask for TA content in coaching micro-teaches and for workshops, because it’s full of useful behaviours to ponder, smile at and deploy.

If you’d like to learn more about yourself, or unpick a knotty people-issue then you’re welcome to say hello. Or, you could take a look at:

Working It Out At Work, by Julie Hay

…which is a well written and useful introduction to TA. I particularly like the exercises at the back and many clients have found it a good way to get to grips with TA in an organisational context.

Other books are available of course and this one is a good place to start.

Next week: How To Ask For Help


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