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A Lesson From Paris

15 November 2015

In a change to the scheduled blog I would like to share this, which I posted on Facebook earlier. People liked it, so I thought I would publish it here. The world is often full of horror and it just depends where we are looking whether we see it or not. There are no politics here, just a comment about how fragile our lives are.

The Facebook Post:

The events in Paris are terrible. My heart goes out to the living and the injured and the relatives, who have had their lives changed forever. We suffered an unexpected young death in the family this year and it wrenches you away from reality. It leaves a hole in your life. It serves to remind us that squabbling with people we love, or being unkind, or hassling kids to do homework really serves no purpose. What matters is that we take five minutes each day to remember to love and hug and kiss those who are in our lives. When they are gone, the memory of our mutual love will sustain us. How will you be kind today?

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