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A Free Gift For You

29 December 2014

It’s the season to give and the lovely VAT people have given us a headache, if we sell online digital products. In a few days the law changes and depending on the type of product and the way it is supplied then we need to account for VAT differently. The tricky bit is that if the buyer is a private individual based in the EU they pay VAT at local rates, but if they are an organisation we can charge them UK rates.

At least I think that’s the change and to be honest when it was explained to me it all seemed overly complex and a bit baffling* …maybe you can talk to your expert and be less baffled. It’s worth keeping inside the law if you have an online shop.

The upshot of this bafflement is that I have set the prices to all the handout packs in the shop at to a big fat zero. Yep, no charge.

Check out the FREE items and help yourself. There’s no catch, but they may not be free forever…

And do have a wonderful New Year!

Next week: 2014 Resolution Update

*Actually, a lot baffling.


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