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3C’s Of Business

18 March 2013

I’m currently preparing a ‘how to start your business’ workshop and was reflecting on the essence of success. We can approach success from many angles and it’s tempting to over-complicate things, so in the spirit of simplicity here are my 3C’s of success:

Confidence – we need to remember that we have a right to be in business and that we have useful strengths and skills. We can find words and friends and support and enjoy being confident. What’s your favourite skill?

Cash – is king and making sure we have enough working capital to keep trading is vital. The key tool to help us with this is a cash flow forecast – and I’m always amazed how many people don’t have one. Do you?

Cake – whether it’s victoria sponge, eccles, or fruit – cake is a great way to network and find new customers. Often people find ‘sales meetings’ intimidating and I’ve found that inviting people out for coffee and cake is a much easier way to find a friend and do business. What cake do you like?

So, this week have a think about confidence, cash and cake.

What do you need to do differently?

What ‘c’ would you add to the list?


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