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25,000 Words Later!

31 December 2017

The last day of the year is here and depending where you are in the world and when you read this, may already be gone.

The New Year is a time of celebration and sorrow. We anticipate the coming Spring and the adventures we are yet to have. We miss those who have left us and feel sad at the passing of time.

And we can be important to ourselves and take a moment just for us, away from the popping corks and the wistful merriment.

We can find one thing to take from the old year and carry into the new.

Every week I sit down and write this blog and send it out into the world. It is a labour of love and it takes about 25,000 words to make one blog-year.

I willingly share my skills and stories freely with the world and see where they take me.

This year the blog has taken me to Scotland, Australia and the USA, thanks to the magic of Skype. It has taken me around the internet on a sea of words and tweets and likes. I have made new friends and laughed and learned. 

When I add all these things together I am reminded that we have to make things happen for ourselves. If we put in some effort, whatever that means to us, then we will get somewhere.

That somewhere is likely to be a good place, even though it may not be the exact somewhere we first had in mind.

Starting a new year is like having an open bus ticket with no return booked. We can use it to travel in our lives and to meet new people, visit new places and have new experiences. We can live and strive and thrive.

So, after 25,000 words what I’m taking from the old year and into the new is this:

If we make an effort good things will happen.

And maybe we don’t know what the good things will be, we just have to trust that the world loves us and will deliver richness in due course.

What are you taking from the old year into the new?

Have a peaceful and successful 2018, wherever your bus ticket takes you!

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