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2013 Learning Review With Biscuits

29 December 2013

The end is nigh! Run for the hills! Well….sort of. The current year is almost over, so now is the time to make a decent cup of tea, select a couple of suitable dunking biscuits (malted milk AKA moo cow biscuits for me please) and relax in a comfortably deep armchair.

Plenty of people take too few moments to reflect on past glories, personal brilliance, or thoughtful business success. This is a pity, because life is there to live and if we never stop and indulge in mindful biscuit dunking life can become a helter-skelter of mindless activity, only cut short by accident or death. I’m not being gloomy here….just making the point that a good life requires time to pause and enjoy the highlights.

Think about when you last took a moment to dunk biscuits and reflect on your business year? I don’t mean a formal review with a board, or an annual appraisal – just you and a cup of tea and a pile of digestives. No notes, just thoughts. You and your reflections, swirling round, trusting your subconscious to produce little gems for you to smile about…

This week our task is to take ten minutes, half an hour, an hour – we can choose – and to sit and sip and munch and reflect.

1) What went well for us this year in work or in business?

2) What did we do well?

3) What have we learned?

4) What is it about malted milk biscuits that makes them so moreish?

Enjoy your New Year celebrations and lift a glass for yourself. You’re amazing! Happy New Year, wherever you are.

Next week: Doing Different Dunking For 2014


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