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Going Wi-Fi Commando

14 August 2017

Apparently this particular group of specialist soldiers (the clue is in the title) are well known for not wearing their underpants. I will leave you to work out why this is so.

This strikes me as dangerous battle-fashion, given that I remember being taught as a kid that everyone needed to wear clean under garments in case they were knocked down and sent to hospital.

Why hospitals were even interested was never explained to us. It was one of thoe mysterious pieces of social lore that we just had to accept.

However, it does reinforce the view that underpants are jolly good things to have with us at all times.

Wi-Fi is the same.

We are so used to instant connectivity, that to not have it seems worse than a day trip to the dark ages. How will we check the news ten times an hour? How will we keep up with the mysterious pronouncements coming from that oracle of usefulness known as The Book of Face?

Well, truth be told …we wont. I’ve been told that something called 4G has been invented, but where I live we are still on 3F so internet is heavily Wi-Fi dependent. This means that once the Wi-Fi has been turned off we go dark.

We go Wi-Fi commando in effect.

This is great! Every Summer we turn off the Wi-Fi, park the gadgets and return to 1978 for a couple of days. Time slows down and reading a book becomes exciting again. Board games spring back to life. The days seem more peaceful and there is less stress in the house.

So, this Summer my invitation to you is to borrow from the best and go Wi-Fi commando!

1978 wasn’t really so bad and it’s good to be reminded of the simple pleasures in life and take a break from business and the electronic world for a while.

Enjoy yourself and unwind …flick the switch and make it happen!

Next week: The Mystery of Marketing 

Learning vs Content

6 August 2017

Many years ago, when I was a freshly minted coach, I was asked to run a course about coaching and leadership.

Actually the word ‘course’ is misleading because it was a one-day workshop. However, in the way that sardines are cleverly compressed into cans, this was a 3-day course compressed into an 8-hour tin of goodness. 

Well, that’s what the training manager wanted me to deliver. She had a tick list of items and expected me to touch on at least 15 different subjects during the day. I said no.

I said that she was hiring me to educate people and that 3 days into 8 hours doesn’t work. Machine-gunning a group of delegates is a total waste of time and clients need to remember that you wouldn’t treat school children like that, so why do it with adults?

It’s the ‘less is more’ paradox. Takes a bit of assertiveness and trust to deliver on, but is much better than opting for ‘more is more’ which can lead to a lack of learning.

A good tip is to have an exercise for delegates after each 20 minute teach and to follow this up with a plenary discussion. 

This allows people with different learning styles to digest the new learning and makes for a much more evenly paced day.

In the end I compromised with the training manager, delivered a useful 1-day workshop in 8-hours and gave the delegates some extra handouts, for them to ignore at their leisure.

What reminded me of this experience was seeing advertised a 1-day leadership course that promised to deliver everything but a trip to the moon and back. I think that approach is perhaps more of a light skim than actual education and for some people that is fine. 

Personally, my experience is that people make longer lasting behavioural changes when they have the space to really absorb new tools and techniques. 

Less is more! Except when we are talking about eating cake, in which case more is more!

Next week: Going WiFi Commando


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